Winning Attitude In Business

Do you have a winning attitude in business?

In this post I want to talk to you about something I heard one of my business partners, Words Taylor, The Motivational Story Teller, give a lecture about. He did a series of talks called the “Black Panther Series” based on the movie by Marvel.

In this particular installment of the series, he called it, “I Want the Throne.”  There is a scene in the movie where King T’Challa, who is also the Black Panther, was visited by his estranged cousin, Killmonger, who came to claim the throne. One of the things Killmonger said to the king was, “I want the throne.”

What stood out was the importance of his winning attitude.

Winning Attitude In Business Question #1

The way Words broke it down, I thought it was pretty good. He had three things he pointed out during that scene in the movie, where the King T’Challa’s cousin, Killmonger, finally meets the royal family.

This is about clarity. If you saw one of the previous posts I did on how to get clarity in your vision then you understand you really want to have clarity in your vision, and one of the things that Killmonger had in that scene was clarity.

And that’s the first thing Words talked about. He said, “Do you know what you want?”

Winning Attitude In Business Question #2

Number two, Words said, “Do you feel like you’re worthy of what you want?”

Not only knowing what you want, but getting a feeling of what you want, a feeling that you deserve it. You have to get that within your being that you deserve to have the thing that you want, and that stops a lot of us. We may know what we want, we may be clear on that.

However, sometimes people are not even at step one and have not developed a winning attitude in business, but if we are clear on step one, we then move to step two and that’s having the feeling of worthiness for what you want.

Winning Attitude In Business Question #3

The third question was, “Are you prepared to get what you want now?” He says, “Are you prepared to rule the throne now?” In that scene, yes, Killmonger knew what he wanted, he knew he was entitled to it because of his bloodline, and he was ready now. He was ready at that moment to take over the throne, and he did.

So, ask yourself:

  1. Do you know what you want first of all?
  2. Do you feel like you deserve it?
  3. Are you ready for it now?

Are you ready to take advantage of the things you have, and have you even identified those things that you don’t have that you’ll need to help you get what you want right now?

The answer to these question will help you develop a winning mentality in business and in life.

Winning Attitude Quotes

“Somewhere, somebody is looking for someone exactly like you.”
― Germany Kent

“An entrepreneur is a man who knows he can fail, but he does not accept to fail before he actually fails, and when he fails he learns from his errors and moves on.”
― Bangambiki Habyarimana

“The secret of winning any prize is knowing that your own treasure and potential is equal to it… and worthy of it.”
― Rasheed Ogunlaru

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