One of the main benefits of the network marketing profession is if you want to be the most successful you’ll, learn about successfully building teams to achieve goals.

In this blog post and video I wanted to give a shout out to my teammates.  Below is a throwback video where I share how I feel after my team accomplished a goal.

I learned what it really meant, well I already knew but I saw it in action for the first time during this time period and it was very beautiful.

There’s an old saying that is 100% true:

Together Everyone Achieves More.

Building Teams to Achieve Goals

Here’s an article about setting goals for your team.

Successfully building teams to achieve goals is a reality.

It happens everyday.

This is something I’ve never seen before done on a team and it was how everybody just pulled together and helped each other.

My upline and team leader called an audible and her instruction was for us to do a certain thing to help one of our business partners rank advance.  Everybody did that certain thing. I reveal what it is in the video.

Side Note: Learn to be the authority in your niche and people will follow you.

I won’t go into details of what it was but if you understand the concept of sowing and reaping then you know whatever you plant, you expect to get that thing back in the harvest. I saw this team work together and people just pulled together.

Again building teams to achieve goals is REAL. Your business is a business and in most network marketing your responsibility (and end goal) should be to increase the your line of distribution…to grow a large organization.

Successfully Building Teams To Achieve Goals Requires Growth

In this video below I share how everybody pulled together to help one of our business partners rank advance in our organization. It was just a phenomenal thing. It’s about becoming a whole different person and to do that you gotta be a different person.

You gotta Be, Do, and Have something different and it starts with BEING. It starts with being. Become a different person. Don’t be afraid to help somebody. Just because your help doesn’t come back from the person that you helped initially, that doesn’t mean it’s not coming back around to you.

That’s the law of reciprocity. Give it out and expect it to come back. Don’t worry about what channel it’s gonna come back from. Don’t worry about that. Just give it out.

Watch This Video On Successfully Building Teams To Achieve Goals


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