If you’re been following me over the past few years you may remember the previous blog I had with a lot of bells and whistles…

Well one thing I’ve learned was to keep control over as much as possible when it comes to your domain name and your host provider…

When I bought the domain name WhoIsCarlton.com, I started off with GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting and although it took me a while to build the blog up and generate a steady supply of traffic.

Then I got “shiny object syndrome” and upgraded my hosting with someone else who specialized in other tools and trainings I used to build my business. While their blogging and hosting package was clearly superior, it was an all-in-one package which meant if I you didn’t pay your membership fees, you lost access to your WordPress credentials.

Hear me clearly on this point though, it truly wasn’t the other company’s fault. I was the one going through a major transition from being an employee to being 100% self-employed. With this change, I let go of some things (including my membership to that organization which I realize was a mistake) in order to get a hold of my finances.

Would I make that same move of transferring my hosting to the system I use for marketing my business? As an experienced blogger, I would say no. However, if blogging was totally new to me and I needed a “done for you” or “done with you” system, then absolutely!

Now what I could’ve done was give up and say to heck with it all. I could’ve blamed GoDaddy. I could’ve blamed my marketing community. I could’ve blamed my previous employer. I could’ve pointed the finger at a number of contributing factors as to why I didn’t keep my account current…

But one thing we as entrepreneurs must learn is to be is responsible for our own actions. We must learn from OUR mistakes and not repeat them.

So this is my first post under my newly revamped blog. There will be more as time goes and the blog will get “prettier” as well.

If you would rather have a “done for you”/”done with you” type of marketing system which comes with its own blogging platform, I recommend check out the one I use by clicking here.

Again, setting up a blog yourself to market your business is a headache and I’d rather outsource the whole installation and customization truth be told. Unless you’re a techie type of person who knows WordPress, I wouldn’t recommend the do-it-yourself route.

My first WhoIsCarlton.com blog took about 2 to 3 months to get it the way I liked it. This one may take about a week only because I know to outsource what I don’t know or like to do.

It’s all about learning then implementing what you’ve learned so you can grow.

See you at the Top,


P.S. Most people who need to generate leads online all use this marketing system to build their business on social media. Click here to check it out… Unless you’ve got too many leads already. 🙂



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