In this post I want to talk about something that happens to a lot of people. We’re not immune to this situation. Sometimes we have a ego challenge, and it’s not saying that you have a big ego where you’re on an arrogant level, but sometimes our ego can tell us that we’re not adequate enough, or we’re less than qualified, or we don’t deserve X, Y, Z, whatever it is.

Case in point, I was out today to drive rideshare (Uber, Lyft) and I got a trip request. Shortly after I got the trip request, my mind start going through thoughts like,

“Am I going to have enough seating for the people?” 

“Am I going to have the right customer service?”

Blah, blah, blah…

I just got into my mind, I didn’t want those ego thoughts, those negative ego thoughts, to snowball. So what I did to counteract that, was I just started looking around, I started giving gratitude for different things. I start saying, “I’m more than enough. You’re more than enough. We are more than qualified.”

Sometimes our mind can play tricks on us, especially if we’ve gone through something and we failed. A lot of times we won’t try it again because we failed, but really we only failed if we quit, if we stop altogether. Maybe you had a setback, that’s not the end of the world. It may be you needed to learn something, but sometimes our mind can tell us, “Don’t try something else again. Don’t try it again.” So we have to be strong enough to know and to be aware of the thoughts that are coming into our mind and how they are making us feel.

I wanted to share this because I know somebody else probably is going through that same situation right now. So if you have gotten value from this post, please leave a comment and share with somebody else. Your comment may help somebody else. I’m a human being, we’re all human beings. We have a range of emotions, a range of thoughts. Our thoughts can come from anywhere.

Thoughts come into our minds. They broadcast, transmit and receive information just like a radio station. Any thought can come into your mind, but you gotta examine that thought and think about it. Is that the way you really want to feel about yourself, that you’re not enough, that you’re less than? No. That’s not how you want to feel. But if you continue to let that thought fester, it will take on a life of it’s own and you really don’t want that.

Somebody wants to know how to overcome this and there’s a book and audiotape series, I like to recommend called, “The Process” by Abraham Hicks.  If you find this book called, “The Process” they talk about a process or, what she called the games. One game you “play” is where you have what’s called an Appreciation Rampage, and you’re basically just looking around and just any moment you want to raise your vibration, raise your energy level, raise how you feel, you just start giving appreciation for whatever you see or what comes to mind.

Just start looking around and giving appreciation. Like I appreciate you. I appreciate just having clothes on my back. I appreciate having a car to drive in. I appreciate … Just start giving gratitude and then that’s going to change your energy. And a thought like, “I am not enough” cannot stay in your mind when you crowd that thought out with other thoughts that are positive.

How To Overcome The “I Am Not Good Enough Feeling”

All right. So there we go. What’s the truth about you? You are more than enough, and if you got some value out of this video, like I said before leave a comment and share it.  

See you at the top,

Carlton L. Lewis

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