Recently, I decided to get back to the basics of what I knew about building a business using Attaction Marketing.

I had found myself being frustrated with building a network marketing company and although I was working hard and doing what the top leaders said, it simply was not working for me.

I’m not saying traditional ways of building a MLM buisness don’t work. They absolutely do. What I am saying and what I do know is that there’s more than one way to build.

Things reached critical mass when I decided to prospect my mentor with a cut and paste script via Facebook Messenger. I was sooooo nervous but her reply was something I’ll never forget.

She said:

“I don’t prospect, I ATTRACT…”

From that moment on I had to really be honest with myself and look in the mirror…

The way I had chosen to build my MLM was not me putting my best foot forward…

It was not me giving good service to my prospects. And although I would often hit my prospecting numbers for the day, I really hadn’t added any value to my prospects lives and honestly mine neither.

After about a month later of getting no where but still continuing to hear “I don’t prospect, I ATTRACT…” in my head repeatedly, I decided to revisit a course I had taken on Attraction Marketing.

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I realized how much stuff I had done wrong. I also realize when I took that course there were terms and concepts I didn’t understand at the time because I had only been in network marketing for less than a year.

I’m so glad I followed my gut!

After going through a few modules in the course with full focus and with better perspective of what kind of tools I needed I reactivated marketing system. I generated leads on the very first day using a really simple technique my mentor suggested.

I was back to my senses and DECIDED no longer was I going to be at the mercy of doing things the traditional MLM way.

Fast forward to today and you have the 90-Day #FreedomRun Journey.

Another thing which I heard my mentor’s mentor say which continues to echo in my mind was this:

“If you would only do what you already know how to do, things would change.”

So I decided to focus on a few core marketing strategies I knew very well but most of all I knew I had to do at least three things daily:

  1. Create one piece of content
  2. Meet 10 new people
  3. Email my list

I know if I did this for 90 days, my life and my business would change.

You can watch the first piece of content below.

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