I wanted to make this video while actually accomplishing a couple of different things. I’m actually walking and exercising, and doing the video. Okay? I wanted to make this video about something I’ve learned about, and I’ve heard it before.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before too, so it’s probably nothing new, but it’s about having a definite chief aim.

Definite chief aim.

I’m currently reading Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success in 16 Lessons. I’m going to stop and take a break from walking so I can go ahead and knock the video out.

In the second chapter of the book he talks about having a definite purpose and lays out definite chief aim template to helps you identify your “lifetime” purpose.

VIDEO: Napoleon Hill & The Law of Success

A couple of days ago, I did a video called: “How To Get Clarity in your Vision”One of the things that I got clear about over the past week is that I need to work on my talents, and Gary V. (aka Gary Vaynerchuk) talks about focusing on your strengths. Play to your strengths. Everybody has strengths, everybody has weaknesses.

What are your strengths? Hopefully, you can get your strengths to align with your definite chief purpose.

Some people don’t really like doing whatever their strength is in, but if you enjoy the thing, like me, then its easier to keep growing into it. I love speaking and training. That’s why I’ve got hundreds of videos. That’s my strength. It’s my talent. It’s also my gift, my gift to be able to communicate the way that I do and I’m very thankful for this gift.

But how can I use this gift? How can I use this talent to help others? How can I tie that in with my definite chief aim?

I would encourage anybody to get this book. I think I bought the E-book and I read it on my tablet. I read it on my phone too! The book is basically showing you how to get clarity in your vision to identify your definite chief aim and what you should do with it.

Definite Chief Aim Meaning

It’s not hocus pocus, it’s all about focus!

I like what Napoleon Hill says. He has a chapter about self-confidence which I really knew I needed more of to be the type of person I desired to be. He has a self-confidence formula in the book, and he talks about demanding of yourself.

Demanding of yourself!

This is when you take it to your willpower.

Napoleon Hill Definite Purpose Examples

You’re not just wishing that you get something done. For instance, I like speaking but sometimes I don’t feel like making a video. I may not feel like it, but I have to demand of myself to get a video done. I have to demand of myself to get a blog post done.

Sometimes you have to demand of yourself to get the things done that you know that need to be done by you. You know that you need to do it, so you need to demand of yourself to get it done. You need to command your mind, command your body to perform the action to achieve your definite chief aim.

A lot of people have a mental laziness, and I’m saying that because we won’t push ourselves. We don’t understand that our mind and our body and our spirit are three things in one. I don’t want to get too detailed with that, but they are three things in one, alright? But your spirit controls your mind. Your spirit controls your mind and your mind controls your body. Once you get all of those things in alignment, then you’ll start seeing results.

Are they the results that you’d like? If they’re not the results that you like, change your thoughts. But if you’re aligning your thoughts, your mind, your spirit, your actions towards your definite chief aim, you can’t help but to achieve it.


I hope you got some value out of this post. Have you identified your definite chief aim? If you haven’t, get the Napoleon Hill book. It’ll help you figure out where you want to go.

Living a life on purpose is something totally different than just aimlessly walking through life. Once you have a definite chief aim, you know where you’re going to go.

See you at the top,

Carlton L. Lewis

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