In this post I want to talk to you about the price of freedom.

Price of Freedom


A lot of people say they want to be financially free, or they say they want more time, but there is a price to pay for that freedom, and that price is called work. I’m going to say that once again; there is a price to pay for freedom, and it is called work.

You have to get up and do something different, and when I say work I don’t just meaning getting up and going to your job.

Most jobs are not going to allow you to be financially free or have that time freedom that you need. You’re going to have to do something different.

price of freedom


Side Note: Paying the price of freedom doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job. I would not tell you to do that. Let’s make that clear. Having a job and using it to fund your business is a smart thing to do. Becoming a full-time entrepreneur requires a different type of skill set than being an employee.

You’re going to have to go down a different path, and the price of freedom may be a little scary, but with perseverance you can achieve the type of freedom that you need.

How do you obtain freedom in Network Marketing?

It may take a little time, it’s like in network marketing, one of my mentors said, “If you sacrifice three to five years, that’s an investment of three to five years of your time, the payoff will be forever.”

So invest in some time now, get busy now, start working now, and you will experience a payoff.

Is it guaranteed?

No, nothing’s guaranteed, but if you desire that type of freedom like I desire in my personal life, then you’re willing to work for it.

I desire what Tim Ferris calls the 3 Freedoms: financial freedom, time freedom, and mobility. You’ll hear me talk about the 3 Freedoms a lot, and I want to help other people gain that same thing.

What I do is I try to help people gain financial freedom, time freedom, and mobility, and the more people I help, the more people that will be willing to help me get the same thing.

What ever you desire, give that same thing and it will come back to you.

So I don’t have a problem with working with people, like I said, you heard me, I just said “work”. I believe in it. So let’s get to work and just do it!

Watch This Video Below “Are You Willing To Pay The Price Of Freedom?”

Without a doubt, some of the prices you pay in your quest for freedom include various mistakes (or learning opportunities) made along the way. The key is to learn from those mistakes and move forward. There are very few mistakes you can’t recover from. Stay open and receptive to learning and growing and above all keep taking the right actions.

Don’t stay stuck for too long. Figure out what wrong and fix it! If the goal is freedom is worth it, you’ll let nothing stop you.

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