In this post we’re going to talk about developing beast mode motivation. You’ve probably heard people say something about beast mode. You probably heard this term before, and a lot of people say, “I’m in beast mode. I’m in beast mode. I’m in beast mode.”

Beast Mode Motivation

What does that really mean and where did it come from?

Where it came from, I really can’t tell you that. I know the running back Marshawn Lynch, popularized that term. He’s an awesome running back for the Seattle Seahawks and he just comes to play football, and he lets you know it too. It’s so funny because he’s been fined for not commenting to the media.

This guy’s like, “Look. All I want to do is play football.” So he has tunnel vision. He has this focus about what he wants to do and when he gets out on the field, he is in beast mode. He’s hard to stop. He’s totally focused on driving the ball down the field and scoring touchdowns to win the game.

So what does this mean in your life and business? How do you get into beast mode?

Well, you get into beast mode by looking at your skills, abilities, and tools that you already have. One of the things that I like about the beast mode phrase, is when you think about the beast mode phrase you think about an animal like a lion. The lion is the king of the beasts, so the lion is actually the king of being in beast mode.Beast Mode Motivation

Now think about when the lion is getting ready to chase an antelope. It doesn’t contemplate how long it’s going to take to catch the antelope. It might study the antelope and see what it’s doing, but once it’s made its mind up, it’s going to get the antelope, gazelle, wildebeest, or whatever it’s going after. There is not a lot that can deter the lion when he’s in this mode.

That’s the mentality you need to be in if you’re really serious about building your home based business. You need to be in beast mode. You have to have beast mode motivation when you’re going after the things you want to see manifest in your life and your business, so I’m going to give you four tips real quick.

4 Beast Mode Motivation Tips

1. Be 10 Times Bolder

The first tip to having beast mode motivation is to do what my friend Cesar Rodriguez calls “B10xB”. What that means is be 10 times bolder. Be 10 times better than the person you currently are, and that’s a mentality. if you have a task to do. Be 10 times bolder when you attack that task and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is for you to go after that task.

A lion is 10 times bolder than any other animal, probably with the exception of a honey badger because those will attack a lion, but a lion is bold. It has no fear when it’s going to attack and kill its prey, and you have to be like that about your business. You have to have that kind of tenacity. You have to think big like that when you are looking to build your business.

2. Have a Plan

The next thing is you want to have a plan. I just talked to you about having a plan. Assess your skills that you already have, your abilities, and your tools. Think about those things. What do you have that can give you the advantage over your competition and to help you get to that place that you want to be in your business?

Look at the lion. The lion has natural speed. The lion has teeth. The lion has claws. And the lion is agile and it has that attitude like, “I’m going to win.” And you have to have that same type of attitude as well.

So plan it out but don’t stay in planning mode too long. Take action. That’s what a lion does. It doesn’t sit around and do calculations. It doesn’t pull out a laptop. It doesn’t do all these things to distract it from going to get its food. It just goes to get its food.

3. Never Give Up

The third thing is don’t give up. Never give up. A lion is tenacious. The gazelle and the antelope run, dip, dash, go around curves, etc. It keeps running. The prey hides in the pack, or whatever, but the lion pretty much focuses on that one animal and then it zooms in on it. It doesn’t give up. It keeps trying, keeps trying, either until that thing gets away or it’s captured.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

And the fourth thing is to get help. Don’t be afraid to get help. Sometimes you may see two lions, maybe three, attack one animal. They’ll corner it. They don’t necessarily have to but sometimes they do. They’ll corner that animal. They’ll attack it. They’ll run it down until its caught!

Sometimes you have to enlist the help of other people who have the same mission, the same goal, and the same momentum that you already have. Those same people are in beast mode just like you. Never be afraid to ask for help.

Here’s another post about team building.

Watch This Video on 4 Keys To Developing Beast Mode Motivation


Here are 6 additional ways to developing beast mode motivation.

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